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PEI Mobility redefines the gangway system

PEI Mobility has specialized, with about twenty years of experience, in the production and sale of bellows for articulated buses. Today, the company presents itself with an important expansion of its product range which aims to revolutionize the standards of urban mobility.

Years of activity and successes in the sector have led PEI Mobility to currently have 8,000 bellows in Europe and worldwide, gaining a reference and high-level position on the international scene. The company has achieved this important result thanks to the help of the two foreign production plants, located respectively in Serbia and in Brazil, which respond to the headquarters in Bologna.

The strong point of PEI Mobility is therefore a tested production of bellows characterized by a high technological level in terms of fabrics used, number of patented systems and customization capabilities. In this sense, this innovative reality has decided to present itself to its reference market with a great production novelty: a range of high-performance and avant-garde articulations.

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