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The PEI Srl world

A history that began in 1980

PEI’s leadership position in the manufacture of dynamic protection structures for cladding machine tool slideways has been attained through over 40 years of experience, by means of a combination of manufacturing technology expertise, continuous investments into innovation, and sales and managerial skills.

Featured companies

Created by the entrepreneurial skills of Giorgio Tabellini and the founding partners, today PEI is present in diversified, synergical business sectors, with a number of operational units:

  • PEI SRL has been producing a wide range of machine tool protections since 1980.
  • PEI VM for the development and production of vibro-acoustic systems for diagnostics and monitoring of electric motors, reducers, transmissions and pumps;
  • Zanini, specializing in precision metalwork for the railway, marine and packaging sectors;
  • and Nuova Metal, which works in the area of industrial processes and the manufacture of products for the medical and certified foods sectors.

The PEI Mobility division

PEI Mobility is therefore part of a prestigious context, sharing mission and values with all the companies involved: promoting innovation in the various sectors and proposing solutions meeting clients’ needs, concentrating on product quality and on the possibilities of customization.

In compliance with the largest OEMs and bus and tram coachbuilders on the global market, the professionals selected by PEI Mobility manage the entire process, starting from co-design with the client right through to the choice of the gangway systems best suited to the mobility objective, whether the applications be articulated buses, or rolling stock, or boarding platforms.

Numbers talk

With its head office in Calderara di Reno (Bologna), the PEI world therefore comprises many consolidated organizations with highly specialized, synergical expertise. The company’s increasing success in has been fuelled by the constant expansion of the products that it supplies, based on important investments into Research and Development. In fact, in recent years, its powerful growth has been particularly strong abroad, an area generating 50% of sales. With about 420 employees, 70 international patents, 7 manufacturing sites and a sales network that covers 20 nations, PEI is present with sales and manufacturing facilities in every industrially-significant market. Its positioning is that of a company with strong links to its local territory, but with a approach to international development utilizing local-for-local commercial strategies by means of a decentralized service network, close to its clients.