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  • Configure your gangway

    Versatility in PEI is synonymous with technology. Our joints, gangways and bellows can be adapted to any platform and chassis.

  • The new factory in Bologna for the production of gangway systems

    A new manufacturing unit for the design and development of gangway systems.
    The system in carbon fibre composite, the lightest on the market, is made here.

  • A journey through IDIADA

    We have tested our articulation joints on all types of road surface at the IDIADA circuit in Spain, a centre of undisputed excellence.

  • Our journey continues, as does our evolution.

    For over 15 years we have accompanied the journey of millions of people.

gangway system

Articulation joints

Solutions for linking the passenger compartments of articulated buses

Gangway systems

Gangway systems

Complete system: technology and innovation never seen before

gangway system


All types of folding bellows for unique, safe protection

Who we are

PEI Mobility

Present for over 15 years at the heart of the Motor Valley, PEI Mobility is the automotive division of the PEI company, which has a leadership position for the production of protective structures for machine tools, and is a partner to the principal manufacturers of articulated vehicles, supplying interconnecting folding bellows.

Our Partnerships

By means of strategic collaborations, based on research and the mutual implementation of expertise, we work in synergy with our Partners in the research and development of technologically innovative solutions.

Make your configuration

Choose the bellows, joints and accessories that best suit your needs

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Configure your gangway

At PEI, versatility goes hand-in-hand with technology. Our articulated joints, gangways and folding bellows can be adapted to any platforms and chassis.

With the objective of developing solutions of ever-greater performance and customization, we work with our clients in order to identify the combinations best-suited to the specific requirements, so that the chosen system is the most competitive on the market.

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Efficient and Sustainable Bellows for Buses

PEI Mobility produces state-of-the-art bus bellows, crafted from the latest materials and patented systems. These innovative solutions ensure optimum fastening to the carriage body, guaranteeing


We design and manufacture interconnection systems, bellows and complete gangway systems for articulated vehicles. A strong engineering know-how and constant development in R&D allow us to offer customized systems with high technology, cutting-edge performance and reliability.

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