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Our Partnerships

Partnerships with our collaborators are one of the fundamental pillars of PEI Mobility.

Through strategic relationships, aimed at research and mutual implementation of skills, we act in synergy with our reference Partners. The goal is clear: to support them in research and develop technologically innovative solutions capable of contributing to the progress of our sector.

The value of our network is guaranteed by the variety of collaborations. In fact, we work side by side with leading companies, organizations, institutions, professional studios, focusing strongly on the new generations as in the case of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. All this with a view to integrating our expertise and generating value for our customers.

Carbon innovation with the C.P.C. Group

Carbon innovation with the C.P.C. Group

The union between the expertise of the C.P.C Group in the area of mechanical engineering processes and composite materials, and PEI Mobility’s experience in the transport sector, gave rise to the first articulation joints made in carbon.