Sustainability? PEI Mobility is leading the field.

Mobility solutions developed to achieve the highest level of sustainability and innovation.

Climate change is in fact directing all the development and sustainability policies of the main global economies for the future of the planet.

The automotive supply chains dedicated to public transport are also going in this direction, engaged in the development of buses and other vehicles capable of drastically reducing the environmental impact. This is to safeguard the quality of life of people, users and the community.

We at PEI Mobility share this commitment and we pursue it using cutting-edge technologies capable of increasing the quality and functionality of our gangway systems. We also contribute to the reduction of pollutant emissions from vehicles equipped with them.

Our investments in R&D and efforts in the development of new products and solutions are therefore guided by these principles. Our goal is to combine technological performance, innovation and sustainability.

With the new articulation, designed using carbon fibre composite, we are the first in the world to adopt this technology which significantly reduces the weight of equipped vehicles compared to articulation made of steel.