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Gangway systems

Technological performance and attention to detail

Complete, technologically advanced gangway systems that increase the overall efficiency of an articulated bus.

PEI Mobility develops its gangway systems according to its clients’ specifications, which are subdivided into 4 principal design directives:
gangway systems
HGS : Hoses Guiding System
Internal hose guiding system complete system with fixing brackets ready for assembly of all cables between carriages
Bellows made of UV-resistant copolymer complying with the highest safety and application certificates in the automotive field
Articulation in steel and composite material, complete with hydraulic control system of stability
Made of self-supporting extruded aluminium and featuring an ergonomic design and patented internal quick-fit system


We are committed to significant R&D investments and top-level partnerships in order to ensure that our clients benefit from the highest technical and quality standards in the automotive sector.


Our organization is certified in compliance with the IATF 16949 and ECE R-118 standards, and our gangways undergo stringent dynamic tests in order to meet all conditions of mobility and road surface characteristics.


We can customize our gangways to personalize them for any vehicle and enable rapid installation.


The whole system is designed to facilitate component assembly and simplify bus maintenance over the years.

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