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Articulated buses

Interconnection – linking technology

The gangway system, the system that joins the carriages, is the most technologically complex element of the articulated bus.

Thanks to excellent technical solutions, buses equipped with PEI Mobility articulations and bellows move along the road with extreme fluidity, safety and on-board comfort.

All our components are IATF certified, and have already been chosen by some of the major manufacturers and fitters of vehicles on the market for the transport of people worldwide.

With over 8,000 vehicles on the road equipped with our systems, we are ready to provide you with customized, efficient and easy-to-install solutions for all types of articulated buses.


Our patented systems ensure the optimum fastening of the bellows to the bodywork shell, ensuring optimally smooth movement, greater reliability and an increase in on-board comfort.

  • Anchorage of external bellows to the bodywork shell
    • interchangeable
    • lighter
    • easy to install
  • Anchorage of inner bellows to the bodywork shell
    • quick and simple installation
    • better quality/price ratio
    • lower radial tension on the material
  • Removable lower elastic panel
    • easy to install
    • simpler maintenance
    • eliminates radial stresses between the external bellows

Articulation joints

Our connecting joints comprise sophisticated systems monitoring longitudinal and torsional stresses created by the thrust from the rear-wheel drive, the steering angles and the surface irregularities on urban routes.

  • Increase in stability and manoeuverability
  • Greater safety and on-board comfort
  • Reduced weight

Complete gangway systems

We design complete solutions to improve the manoeuverability, safety and on-board comfort of your articulated buses.

  • Articulations partly made of with composite fibers
  • Patented systems that increase component reliability and simplify their installation and maintenance
  • Folding bellows made using the latest generation of translucent materials to improve light intensity inside the passenger space.