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Transport – Other applications

On truck market

Our folding bellows are ready to equip rolling stock all over the world, and our components have already been adopted by Norwegian and Danish railway companies. In addition, we develop integrated, customizable solutions for light rail systems such as trams and monorails, in compliance with current European legislation.

Jet bridges


PEI Mobility is able to develop boarding platforms for airports, highly customizable, adaptable to the most diverse needs. Highly functional docking and motor control systems, and materials capable of withstanding stress and weather conditions, enable passengers to board aircraft safely and comfortably, also ensuring extended platform life.

Jet bridges

Cruise ships

PEI Mobility creates boarding systems, tunnels, walkway walls and bespoke protective folding bellows for whatever access requirements.

Specialist technical staff will provide all necessary assistance in implementing design concepts and identifying the best possible layout for whatever type of architecture and layout are required.