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Who we are

PEI Mobility was born and grew up in a context of excellence, immersed in the heart of the Italian automotive industry: the Motor Valley, the district of the big names in motoring. The synergistic skills acquired over the years and the considerable investments in the sector to which it belongs have allowed PEI Mobility to apply as a strategic and trusted partner of the main manufacturers of vehicles and passenger transport platforms. In fact, PEI Mobility offers a range of products for interconnection ranging from bellows to articulation joints, up to complete and customizable gangway systems for articulated buses.

Flexibility and efficiency are guaranteed by a deep engineering know-how, by IATF automotive quality certifications, by strict tests and calculation procedures and by the constant research and development activity of the PEI Mobility team of professionals. These factors allow the Bologna-based company to offer highly reliable interconnection products and to also open up to other sectors, such as the railway and passenger boarding systems, with solutions designed to guarantee maximum personal safety, resistance and ease of maintenance.

PEI Mobility sees customer care and the constant innovation of its vehicle interconnection solutions as the way to continue to grow and has therefore decided to invest in the project of a unique articulation on the market. It is a technology made up of carbon fiber elements with SMC technique, industrially reproducible.

Today, this articulation is presented as the lightest on the market, a unique and cutting-edge product capable of contributing to a significant reduction in consumption and pollution of the vehicle with which it is supplied. PEI Mobility thus aims towards increasingly sustainable urban mobility, fully in line with its green philosophy, thanks to solutions capable of respecting the environment and contributing to the present and future growth of this sector.