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From heat-welded folding bellows to complete gangway systems.

Benefiting from PEI’s many decades of experience in the industrial automation sector, in which it holds a leadership position in the area of systems for machinery cladding and protection, today PEI Mobility represents a prestigious partner for the supply of complete gangway systems, and for the research and development of its products.

The versatility and quality of our systems developed for industrial plants have for many years led to their successful use in the transport sector, such as the heat-welded bellows that provide protection from the external environment and that can also be easily tailored to any profile and type of utilization.

PEI Mobility è partner preferenziale per la fornitura di gangway systems
Pei Mobility technical team

Engineering background and innovation.

How do we face the challenges of one of the most dynamic and technologically advanced sectors, the automotive industry? Leveraging our engineering background and focusing above all on innovation.
Thanks to these cornerstones, we therefore produce articulation and gangway connection folding bellows with excellent technical-quality standards. But that’s not all: our product range also includes multiple degrees of customization.

Therefore, in order to propose solutions that anticipate market needs and fully satisfy our customers, we make use of the collaboration of important academic and industrial partners.

Collaborations, patents and shared research.

By means of shared research projects involving PEI Mobility, the Department of Vehicle Engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and AstraResearch (a UNIMORE spin-off), many new technological systems have developed, giving rise to patents and important scientific contributions (IAVSD 2021).

This virtuous cycle has enabled us to implement new articulation joints, which represent an innovative technological departure in the sector of componentry for buses and public transport systems.

Technological innovation and the new factory.


The new production plant with a development center, equipped with state-of-the-art engineering, test area, quality control and assembly lines, joins the already existing production plants in Italy and Serbia. But above all, a young and competent technical team, with great experience, allows us to face the most complex technological challenges.

The articulation made of composite fibres, developed with the participation of a leading company in the processing of carbon with SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) technology, has passed the most stringent tests, proving to be reliable. 

PEI Mobility then produced a articulation system made entirely of carbon fibre, which is now at the prototype stage and in the process of further development.


Full carbon articulation


Articolazione in acciaio con asse di beccheggio avanzato
SMC combines the advantages of composite materials,
such as lightness, with the needs
of industrial production of standardised goods.

Certified structural adhesive.

The hydraulic damping system guarantees
vehicle stability and safety.
Working from numerical simulation models,
we can design bespoke systems
and adjustments for any kind of vehicle.