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Bellows for Buses

Made with the most advanced materials, our bellows feature patented systems that ensure optimum fastening to the carriage body, guaranteeing ultra-smooth movement, greater reliability and increased on-board comfort. Flexibility and efficiency are also guaranteed by extensive engineering expertise, IATF automotive certification, stringent tests and calculation procedures, together with continuous research and development activities.

Our products are studied in detail

Connecting clips. Patented system allowing quick and easy installation, durability and the possibility of customisation by the customer.

Fixing internal bellows to body and central hoop structure. Patented system allowing fast assembly and disassembly and giving rigidity to the whole structure.

Thanks to the special zips, the fabrics of the two parts remain on the same plane, avoiding the tension created by radial forces that can damage the product. Avantages: complete sealing, easier to install, easier to replace and easier to inspect.

Select the bellows best-suited to your vehicle