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PEI Mobility at Busworld Europe 2023: News and Press Kit

PEI Mobility, one of the leading players in the Italian sector of bus bellows and joints, will be present at Busworld 2023 in Brussels from October 7th to October 12th, 2023.

The automotive division of P.E.I. Srl will be located at booth 676 in Hall 6, showcasing its innovations to the international audience at the most significant B2B event dedicated to the bus and coach industry in Europe.

One of the innovations that PEI Mobility will present at Busworld concerns its range of joints, with the introduction of a new joint dedicated to “puller” vehicles with different traction systems. For this category of buses, a more streamlined joint can be just as effective without requiring a specific suspension or stability control system.

PEI Mobility has, therefore, introduced a more essential yet technically advanced product capable of fully meeting the needs of this category of vehicles, which are now primarily represented by fully electric buses and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems.

Other product innovations will be showcased at the booth, thanks to the significant research and development efforts conducted by PEI Mobility’s R&D department in the use of innovative materials and the development of technical solutions that further enrich their product offerings.

Thanks to their constant commitment to innovation, PEI Mobility has established itself as a reference point in the industry, offering a complete range of products suitable for any type of chassis and ensuring a high degree of customization to meet customer needs.

In addition to the established production and sale of bus bellows (10,000 units so far), the cataloged range of joints has proven to be particularly interesting, introducing new products to the market from both a technological and functional perspective.



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